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Coming Home Detroit Free Press The Boston Globe

Tales from the Hill
by Ed Symkus

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September, 2001

"There was a time, long ago, when Jay O'Callahan would venture out into his boyhood backyard, inventing all kinds of adventures..."

Coming Home Critics


What the critics have to say

"In word and gesture, an exuberant boy grows to adolescence..."

Storyteller Invites You into his own World
by Martin Kohn, Theater Writer

Detroit Free Press
July, 1999

"...his (O'Callahan) real estate is an empty stage upon which, with memory and imagination, he creates a whole world."
Jay O'Callahan's Revealing Stories
by Debra Cash

The Boston Globe
January, 1989

"Storyteller Jay O'Callahan makes memory jam: childhood and adolescence preserved..."
The Journal Inquirer The Morning Call North Shore Sunday
O'Callahan Holds his Audience Captive
by Dan Tapper

The Journal Inquirer
January, 1994

"...(O'Callahan) needs only the power of language and a face brimming with emotion and character to hold an audience captive."
Pill Hill Stories' Spellbinding One-man Show at Touchstone
by John Flautz, Theatre Critic

The Morning Call
May, 1993

"...the production is perfectly simple . . . But it's absolutely absorbing"
Legends of Lives and Livelihoods
by Geoff Gehman, Theatre Critic

The Morning Call
October, 2002

"We had a lot of unusual, lively people on the Hill."

O'Callahan Astounding in "Pill Hill"

by Alexander Stevens


North Shore Sunday
June 1991


"His (O'Callahan's) show is absorbing and mesmerizing"


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