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Philharmonic's Storytelling was Truly a Day to Treasure
by Sherry Crawford


The Evansville Courier
March 1992


"Nearly 1,700 patrons sat entranced at Vanderburgh Auditorium as a tapestry of story and music was woven."

Tales & Scales Proves its Artistic Merit Again
by Sherry Crawford


The Evansville Courier
September 1992


"The story was beautifully executed and showcased."

Symphony Presents Tall Teller of Tales
by Jay Harvey


The Indianapolis Star
November 1986


"Music and storytelling are time-bound arts with some shared elements."

Classical Collaborations
by Heather Forest


Storytelling Magazine
January/February 2011


"His (O'Callahan's) story matched the dramatic grandeur of the symphonic music"


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