Jay O'Callahan in Review


"It (Forged in the Stars) captures the love, heart and passion of the NASA community for what we do. It shows how dreams can come true for anyone who puts forth the effort. It was inspiring…"

-Heather Bergman, Aerospace Engineer Johnson Space Center


"His (O'Callahan) acting is strong, and his stories indelible. There is poignancy and sadness along with the joy."

-Sam Allis, The Boston Globe


"Eyes wide and arms sweeping, he (O'Callahan) slips seamlessly from one character to the next, delivering his love letter to NASA."
-Kaitlin Keane, The Patriot Ledger


"I found your story exciting, humane, uplifting, factually correct, and moving."
-Betsy Wilson, Principal Telemetry Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory


I'm a scientist in computer science, and have been around NASA for almost all of its 40 years. I think Jay captures the real genius of NASA."
-Patrick Krolak, Faculty Fellow at US Dept of Transportation Volpe Center


"Jay's story about NASA was enthralling. I was moved and inspired by the way Jay put the truth of what we do on vibrant display through his eloquent imagery.  Our space exploration challenges, passions, shortcomings, and triumphs were woven through Jay's story, and he captured the soaring human spirit of our endeavors beautifully."
-Michael Eastwood, JPL Aviris Team Leader, Observational Systems Division


"Your performance was outstanding...a real pleasure to watch a 'pro' do what he does best...the way you crafted the story about NASA was brilliant...very, very entertaining...your showmanship in "story telling" is done with such ease and confidence...I think I could even make you into an excellent Mission Control Flight Controller."
-James Heflin, Associate Director (Technical), Office of the Director, NASA Johnson Space Center


"I heard Jay O'Callahan for the first time in person and veered from extreme laughter (his neighbor's unfrozen turkey and salmon story) and sheer wonder at his crafting of Forged in the Stars and Raspberries (a new and delightful picture story for children) on the other. He is truly a National Treasure."
-Veronica Gard, Storyteller, England


"In all of its parts, Forged speaks of vision, solidarity, and the thirst for exploration"

-Sarah Burack, Harvard University Student


"I wanted to take this time and let you know how moved and enlightened I was with your performance at SunyAdirondack Community College. You made me laugh, you made me cry and you made me think . . .an unforgettable evening with a highly profound one-man performance from Jay O‚Callahan."

-Karen Cormie, Student Adironack College

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