April 1, 2008


Dear Jay,


I think the below is a great plan. Ed may still be in India, but I'm forwarding the message onto his assistant, Ben, and in the spirit of 'getting the ball rolling', he and I will try to address some the requests until Ed returns.


Also, I spent a whole, glorious, four days at Esalen in Big Sur. The most beautiful place in the world: a green spit of land sandwiched in between the mountains and a heavenly blue sea. In between are the Red Woods, and Monarch butterflies fill the air. It was so quiet, that I heard two butterflies flutter together as their wings touched. Jay it was magical.


One of my activities was reading through old journals. I happened upon the notes from Alice's House when you lead the workshop. You gave us such wonderful gifts that weekend. I thought i'd offer your own advice and wisdom back to you as you begin your journey through NASA :-)




"Jay creates stories from images, almost never
linearly. (He) Has faith that they will all fit
together and allows exploration time to see the images
/ world / story ---> trusts the mystery of it...


Remain open......to the story teaching you as you write it, allow
the characters to inform you and for the story to


Creating is working with energy ---> go where the
energy is.


Face the emotion of the story to get to the truth of
it --->(Joseph Campbell says "myth is the
depersonalized dream", Jay says "If we go deep enough
into personal story, it becomes universal")


Be patient. The story will emerge.


Explore the universe within.




I'd listen to him. He sounds like a wise man :-)


Much love to you and Linda,


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