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2005 - Capital Repertory Theatre, Albany, NY

Performance of “Pouring the Sun” and Selections from the Pill Hill Stories during a week long theatre run.


2004 - Studio Arena Theatre, Buffalo, NY

Month long theatre run of "Pouring the Sun" and selections from the Pill Hill stories.


1997 - Chattanooga Theatre Center

Performance of "The Spirit of the Great Auk" in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


1997 - Gloucester Stage Company

Premiere of "The Spirit of the Great Auk" in Worcester, Massachusetts.


1992 - Abbey Theatre, Dublin

"Coming Home To Someplace New: Pill Hill Stories" performed at the fourth annual Yeats International Theatre Festival.


1990 - Hollywood Literary Retreat

Jay O'Callahan was master storyteller in a retreat sponsored by UMP (Ulick Mayo Productions) to help Hollywood professionals rekindle their passion for storytelling.


1989 - National Theatre Complex, London

Jay represented American Storytelling at the Third International Storytelling Festival in London.


1988 - Lincoln Center

Performance of "Politics" and "The Herring Shed" at his Lincoln Center debut in an evening called "The Raconteurs."


1984 - Next Move Theatre, Boston

"Village Heroes" received critical acclaim during its ten-week run. "Village Heroes" also traveled to Seattle and Washington D.C. "A crack storyteller takes the stage!" exclaimed the Christian Science Monitor.

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