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A Modern Environmental Myth
by Carolee Brockmann

Brown University
Economics and Environmental Studies


December 1996


"The fishery dilemma is an example of an environmental problem exacerbated by normal economic policies."

O'Callahan: A Major Experience
by Penny Waddell

Hawkes Bay Herald Tribune

October 1996


"Mr. O'Callahan achieved the almost impossible in the way of audience concentration...."

The Moment
by Maurice D Ewing

Excerpts from The Tar Heel Tellers

December 1996


"Most of us never consider the moments that change our lives .."


A Review of Jay O'Callahan's
"The Spirit of the Great Auk"
by Glenn Morrow


New England Folk Almanac


"Jay O'Callahan is one of our national storytelling treasures."

The Master of the Story
by Alexander Stevens

North Shore Sunday
Theatre Pick


May 1997


"O'Callahan's grand performance hits the core of the theatrical experience..."

Jay O'Callahan's Spirit of the Great Auk...

The Second Story Review


June 1998


"You'll first be mesmerized and then moved to action."

Following the Spirit of the Great Auk
by Kezia Bacon

South Look

March 1997


"It is an adventure story, 'an epic'..."

Divining the Spirit of the Great Auk
by Marie Hofer

Storytelling Magazine

July 1998


"Wheeler has watched O'Callahan effectively deliver a message by transporting an audience."


What a Long-Gone Bird Tells Us About Today
by Christopher Hallowell

Time Magazine

October 1998


"A recounting of the voyage by professional storyteller Jay O'Callahan continues to delight and move thousands of listeners..."

Richard Wheeler
Award-Winning Environmentalist and Visionary

Biographical Information and Articles


"We all need to be reminded that you can break the back of a great fishery." Dick Wheeler


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