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Solo Staging Brings Forth Multilayered Storytelling

Buffalo News, February 2004

"Jay O'Callahan's 'Pouring the Sun' - was a joy and a triumph."
Jay O'Callahan's "Pouring the Sun"

The Christian Science Monitor, June, 2000

"For generations, the heart of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania was steel. The town wanted to commemorate its steelworkers."
Actor Pours Out Heart in Show

The Morning Call, September, 1999

"This is the art of storytelling refined like steel."  
Jay O'Callahan's "Pouring the Sun"

Mountain Express, April 2001

"The Waldonys’ story is one of immigrants making a life in America. "This is a story born of a community."
Storytelling Tradition Welcome

The Valley, June, 2000

"An hour and 15 minutes has flashed by in a minute, ...and you feel a profound appreciation for what this storyteller has given you."
Share a Night of Greatness

The Record, April 2005

“It is American history as it should be taught in school.”
O'Callahan is Captivating at Cap Rep

The Daily Gazette, April, 2005

“Theater at its best.”
Jay  O'Callahan's Stories Get Under Your Skin at Touchstone

The Morning Call, Theatre Review, October, 2002

"The finale, when Ludwika ends a long depression by bravely carrying potato soup to picketers during the 1941 strike, is so beautifully modulated and paced, it could be a movie."