Creativity Through Storytelling


Frequently Asked Questions about Weekend Workshops



What kind of workshop is this?


The subject of this workshop is the creative process. The arena is storytelling.


You'll have a chance to explore your own creativity by imagining, listening, talking, and telling.


You will spend some time working alone, working with a partner, with a small group, and with the entire workshop


Past participants have described a wonderful sense of aliveness, connection, respect and joy.


Will I be forced to tell a Story?


Creativity happens best when you are feeling safe and in charge. Therefore, you will never be coerced, put on the spot, or subject to any unwanted feedback. You will have opportunities to express yourself in whatever form seems best to you. We will create the safest possible environment for you. Beyond that, what you do will be completely up to you.


Who should attend?


Anyone interested in exploring creativity through the medium of storytelling: Experienced storytellers are encouraged to attend.


Complete novices are also welcome and encouraged to attend.


We are all creative and we are all different. For the workshop, we will form a creative community dedicated to helping each of us discover our artistic essence.


How should I prepare?


Although creativity can benefit from preparation, it always happens "in the moment". This is one of the paradoxes of the creative process. Each person will benefit from a different combination of preparation and "being there". Therefore, you will have to decide for yourself what kind of preparation makes the most sense for you.


Will it move you forward to get a new or old story ready?


Will it serve you better to approach the workshop ready to "be present" in a new way?


You may choose to bring a story to tell or to work on. If so, you will get an opportunity to work with it. On the other hand, you may choose to work with new images that arise in the course of the workshop. You will have several opportunities to explore your memories, fantasy and reactions to various "story starters".


Will I learn anything Practical?


Yes. Besides experiencing creativity, you will learn activities and goals that you can apply after the workshop.


You will be more aware of the conditions that promote your creativity, and more able to create them in the rest of your life


You will gain stories to tell, confidence in your creative powers, and a desire to spend more of your life in a way that allows your creativity to flow forth.