Excerpt from Forged in the Stars, featuring the story about JC High Eagle, a Cherokee, Osage, who had a vision when he was a little boy showing him he'd help people land on the moon. Later in life, JC High Eagle becomes an engineer at NASA.


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In Small Steps, He takes a Giant Leap
by Sam Allis

The Boston Globe, September, 2009

"Storytelling, it turns out, is woven into the NASA system as a learning tool. Scientists are trained to share knowledge by telling colleagues their experiences on projects."

Jay O'Callahan: NASA - Forged In The Stars at the Harvard Art Museum
by Paul Tamburello

Paul Tamburello at Large March 3, 2010

"His enthralling 'love letter' took us to the moon and beyond."

Star-Crossed Love Story
by David Loughrey

Otago Daily Times, November 16, 2011

" unforgettable experience."
Interview With Jay O'Callahan
by Don Cohen

ASK Magazine, March 2008

"NASA's work is thrilling. We haven't taken in the wonder of it, but one day we'll wake up astonished."
A "Love Letter" to NASA
by Lydia Mulvany

Marshfield Mariner, July 2009

"I'm a scientist in computer science and have been around NASA for almost all of its 50 years. I think Jay captures the real genius of NASA." Patrick Krolak
Marshfield Storyteller Writes a Whimsical Tale to Celebrate NASA's 50th Anniversary
by Kaitlin Keane

The Patriot Ledger, August 2009

"Understanding the people behind NASA was the key to telling a story that celebrates their achievements."
Forged in the Stars
by Jay O'Callahan

Storytelling Magazine, September/October 2010

"What NASA has accomplished in the last 50 years is truly epic."


NASA's ASK Academy Newsletter (Academy Sharing Knowledge), September 2009


Scene from Forged in the Stars, featuring the story of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's landing on the moon.

Another clip of Jay's story Forged in the Stars.


Hear a Story Clip from Forged in the Stars


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