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Father Joe, A Hero's Journey
by George W. Hunt

America Magazine
April 1995

"Through deft images, he (Jay) re-creates the bursting explosions, the bewilderment of the sailors..."

Father Joe Saved Souls in the Line of Enemy Fire
by Bob Baldwin

Our Sunday Visitor
June 1994

"Amid the smoke, flames and explosions that followed the attack, Father O'Callahan seemed to be everywhere..."

Jay O'Callahan at Clemson University
by Joesph Godsey

The Tiger
February 2001

"A personal tale of learning and  understanding, O'Callahan conveyed both the humanity and horror of the time."

Father Joe: A Hero's Journey
by Robin Whitten

January 1995

"Jay O'Callahan's remembrance of his uncle will stun listeners with its sincerity and drama."