What People Say about Falling for Emily Dickinson


Jay performing "Falling for Emily Dickinson""The brushstrokes of her words met with the brushstrokes of his – they danced and flew in possibilities! I'm inspired!"
Carolyn Stearns, Historical and Cultural Storyteller


Marni Gillard, Author, Workshop Leader, Storyteller


"I so appreciated your layered weaving of Emily's biography and persona with your own deepening engagement with her and with her poetry."
Ken Read-Brown, Minister Old Ship Unitarian Church, Hingham, Massachusetts


"You reminded us how various is inspiration, how personal is art, how electric are the connections between words and world."
Jo Radner, Storyteller, Folklorist, Oral Historian, Teacher, Performance Coach


Ted Parkhurst, President Parkhurst Brothers, Inc., Publishers

Bring Falling for Emily Dickinson to your town!


Emily DickinsonMy Story, Falling for Emily Dickinson, is about Emily Dickinson, the creative process and art. It’s as lively as Emily Dickinson herself.


I'm so in love with her I want to bring Emily to your town. I would perform the story Friday night and Emily via me would give a writing workshop on Saturday (workshop limited to 9 participants)


Perhaps an Emily Dickinson lover could be a sponsor, an English or theatre department or an arts council, or perhaps a forward looking businessman.


To book a performance or for more information
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