Expand your Creativity in Jay's
Sparks and Brush Strokes, What Storytellers, poets, writers and people interested in creativity can Learn from Emily Dickinson


brushstroke"Can't stop talking about this experience which hands down was the best workshop I have ever attended."
-Virginia Cunningham, Marriage and Family Therapist, Behavioral Analysis



This is a workshop about language and creativity.


Jay presents two brief scenes of Emily Dickinson's life. Using her poems and life as a focal point, draws out original poems and stories from participants. We examine her "hymn," structure and sing some of the songs Dickinson knew.


Emily DickinsonEmily Dickinson's "brush strokes" were simple phrases like, "a flying attitude" or "a nervous star". We examine Dickinson's poems for images and elegant "brush strokes" and write our own brush strokes. We also examine Dickinson's sparseness, playfulness and her willingness to explore the deepest parts of life.


This workshop can be adapted to meet the needs of storytellers, writers, business people, clergy – those who speak and write.


If you are interested in hiring Jay to present this workshop, call is office at 781-837-0962 or email Susan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Jay O'Callahan





"A great workout for the mind and spirit."
-Donald Askey, Director & Senior  Adviser at Oakmont Partners LLC


"Your workshop reminded me that poetry and visual storytelling are not so different."
-Oliver Uberti, Designer, Artist, Visual Journalist, National Geographic Magazine


"One of the most engaging and inspiring workshops I've ever attended! Jay sparked our creativity and fired our imagination as he introduced us to the depth and beauty of Emily Dickinson. He led us to discover our own brushstrokes and reconnect with playfulness, passion and purpose. I came away bursting with energy and joy. This workshop has a place of honor in my Republic of Delight!"

-Noa Baum, Educator, Teacher, Storyteller, Author of one-person drama, Land Twice Promised, performed in English in the United States and in Hebrew in Israel


"Jay showed us a side of Emily Dickinson that I didn’t know existed. I discovered a woman who was passionate and exuberant about life."
-Syd Lieberman, Storyteller, Author, English Teacher, NSN Lifetime Achievement Aware Recipient


"With story and verse Emily becomes present in the room and I discover her wonder, humility, and struggle. Her words enliven my ministry, and I am grateful for Jay's joyful introduction to her, her world and her presence."
- Reverend Jill Cowie, Minister First Parish in Cohasset, Massachusetts